Vietnam 200,000 Dong Banknote - Uncirculated

Vietnam 200,000 Dong Banknote - Uncirculated

Vietnam 200,000 Dong, 2011, P-123

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Vietnam 200,000 Dong Banknote

This Vietnam 200,000 Dong Banknote is the result of inflation with the Vietnamese currency system. It was introduced on August 30th, 2006. On the Obverse side of the Vietnam 200,000 Dong banknote is Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese Communist leader, Prime Minister, and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. On the Reverse side of the banknote is Hạ Long Bay. This note features red as the dominant color followed by yellow as the secondary color.

The Vietnam 200,000 Dong banknote was introduced part of the Second đồng series along with other great denominations due to the inflation endemic that’s happening in Vietnam. This piece is going to be an interesting addition for any collection as Vietnam builds and rebuilds its banknote system.

Don’t be surprised if your Vietnam notes don’t appear coordinated because they aren’t! Or at least, they have not been. These banknotes, 200,000 dong included, were confusing even to their Vietnamese users as their released banknotes lacked unifying themes and designs.

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Manufacturer Central Bank of Vietnam
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