Palau $5 Silver Commemorative Coin Proof, Scent of Paradise, UNC

Palau $5 Silver Commemorative Coin Proof, Scent of Paradise, UNC

Surfing has been known for over 4000 years. While travelling through the South Seas Polynesians spread this sport. For the natives of Hawaii surfing is not only a sport, it is a cultural and spiritual feature in society. The Hawaiian word for surfing is „Nalu“ and means „glide to the shore on a wave“or “to find oneself”.

This new scent coin shows a surfer who has just ridden in a tube - everyone’s dream that carries out this sport. It is an ndescribable adrenalin boost which only the best are able to experience. With waves of over 10 meters in height only the most courage’s, or should one say craziest, plunge themselves into this mass of water.

The phrase „onolisicious“ (oh-noh-Lih-shee-uhs) is a term which is used in the surfer slang and comes from the Hawaiian word „ono“ (delightful, groovy) and the English word delicious. It means as much as really delicious, really good, or really great.


  • Country of Issue : Palau
  • Year of Issue: 2010
  • Face Value: 5 Dollars
  • Coin Metal: Silver .925
  • Coin Diameter: 38.61 mm
  • Coin Weight: 25 g
  • Coin Finish: BU
  • Coin Mintage: 2,500
Price: $38.80

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SKU KM-50244
Manufacturer Central Bank of Palau
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