Bahamas 100 Dollars Banknote

Bahamas 100 Dollars Banknote

Bahamas 100 Dollars Banknote


The purple, blue, green and mauve Bahamas 100 Dollars Banknote is still very much in use in the Bahamas today. On the Obverse side of the bill you will find Queen Elizabeth II and a map of The Bahamas in the center of the banknote. On the Reverse side of the Bahamas 100 Dollars Banknote features a picture of a blue marlin, the national fish of the Bahamas, jumping out of the water with a rainbow arc to the left of the blue marlin. As such, locals refer to this 100 Dollars Banknote as “a blue marlin”.


The current Bahamas 100 Dollars Banknote in circulation is part of the CRISP formulation, which stands for “Counterfeit Resistant Integrated Security Product”.


These security features include:


Watermark of:


    •       The Spanish Galleon (All except CRISP $10, $20 & $50)

    •       Queen Elizabeth II and the numeral 10 (CRISP $10)

    •       Queen Elizabeth II and the numeral 100 (CRISP $100)

    •       Sir Milo B. Butler and the numeral 20 (CRISP $20)

    •       Sir Roland T. Symonette and the numeral 50 (CRISP $50)

    •       Security threads: All Banknotes

    •       See-through feature of the Sand dollar: All Banknotes

    •       Hologram: Bahamas $100 banknotes only

    •       Series: All banknotes (except B$3 banknotes)

    •       Foil: $10, $20 & $50

    •       100% cotton banknote paper: All banknotes

    •       Security fibres fluorescent green or yellow: All banknotes

    •       Latent image: All banknotes (except B$3 banknotes)


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Manufacturer Central Bank of Bahamas
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