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Q: What is Banknote World all about?

A: Banknote World is a free site where anyone can upload images of their own banknotes for the enjoyment and education of others.

Q: Can I upload my own banknotes images to the site?

A: Absolutely! Everyone is encouraged to add images of missing notes.

Q: Can I use images from the site?

A: If you want to use fewer than 10 images for your own non-commercial purposes, help yourself. However, if you require more images, or you have a commercial use in mind, please contact us to request permission first.

Q: I got a banknote or coin and I would like to know the value of my item or how much I can sell it for should I e-mail regarding that matter ?

A: Yes you are more than welcome to send us your banknotes or coins for evaluations and we would be more than happy to help :)

Q: Are the notes shown on Banknote World for sale?

A: No, this is not a commercial site. However, if you are interested in buying a particular note, try contacting the contributor if there is a link below the image. Many dealers contribute images of notes in their inventory to gain exposure, but there is no guarantee that all notes are available for sale.

Q: I have a banknote and would like to know what it is worth. Can Banknote World help?

A: The site does not list values, but if you contact us with details about your note, we may be able to provide you with an estimated value.

Q: Does Banknote World buy banknotes?

A: Yes, we sometimes buy banknotes for resale through other channels. Contact us for details.

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